Are we closer to a cure?

After studying cancer in pets for nearly 15 years, I have noticed that conventional cancer prevention and the standard of care treatments have not improved much over the last 50 years. I won't get into much detail but considering the time and money spent on research, you would have hoped for better results by now. Yes, they have managed to prolong the time patients/dogs survive short-term in some types of cancer.  1-3 years after treatments but looking longer term (3-5 years) not much of an improvement has been made. The billions of dollars spent on research are for the most focused on treatments of cancer, not the cause. We need to find the cause! Sadly, pets often die from the side effects of the standard of care as frequently as cancer itself. The cause of cancer and prevention is not receiving enough attention to make a difference. Pets are getting cancer more now than ever before, close to 50% of dogs are battling this awful disease.

However, I have seen amazing results using natural treatments. I subscribe to the belief that cancer is a metabolic disease. Damaged mitochondria in cancer cells cause these cells to behave differently than normal cells and become disregulated.  In short, normal cells can metabolize (get energy) from sugar, fat, and protein. Cancer cells can not get their energy from fat due to the damge to their respiration, they need sugar. The use fermentation to grow.  That gives us a unique opportunity to manage this disease from a common perspective. Normal cells can function very well on fat as an energy source. We can force a dog's normal cells to metabolically switch from glucose burners to fat burners by limiting sugar and carbs.  That leaves cancer cells without a fuel source for energy, and they severely lose their ability to grow and metastasize. Instead of chasing thousand of mutations as standard of care does why not got to the source for these mutations that starts with the damaged mitochondria? That's what I do.


If you think this sounds a bit too good to be true, I agree. That's why I encourage you to read the literature below, to find out that there are solid evidence backed up by thorough scientific studies, done by very respected scientists, performed over the last 20-30 years, that all have proven this approach has merit. 


Cancer is a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer

thomas sigfryd-cover-1by Thomas Seyfried

This book builds on the well known theories of Otto Warburg. He claimed that cancer is a disease of energy metabolism. His theory was discredited since he did not link it to the "halmark of cancer. 

Seyfried through many case studies provide compelling evidence that cancer has one thing in common, it is a metabolic disease that requires metabolic solutions for prevention and management. All cancer cells demonstrate the same cellular mutations so his approach can be used in most cancer cases. 

This is a very expensive book. I have listed an alternative below that will explain this theory as well. 

You can get this book at Amazon:

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer

Tripping over the Truth: The Metabolic Theory of Cancer

travis christofferson-cover-1By Travis Christofferson

The Cancer Genome Atlas project has failed to give us a cure for cancer. This book takes us through the facinating world of the hunt for a cure for cancer. It takes us back to the beginning and to the modern laboratories around the world working to find a cure for this age long disease. 

This book challenges everything we know about the disease and challenges the paradigm that cancer is an exclusive genetic disease. The book provides a new fresh approach based on a non toxic  therapies originated from the theory that cancer is a metabolic disease. Instead of poison a person to near death and hope for a cancer free recovery metabolic therapy is natural and non toxic. Evidence i piling up showing that this work and can a cancer free life can be sustained when certain changes in diet are implemented. 

I highly recommend this book, it a very fascinating read. 

You can get this book at Amazon:

Tripping Over the Truth: The Metabolic Theory of Cancer



Cancer was in my opinion and many others allowed to develop due to a compromised immune system,  caused by a vitamin and enzyme deficiency. I also support the Throphoblastic thesis of cancer that was originally proposed by Scottish embryologist John Beard (1858-1924) and resurrected by William Donald Kelley, DDS (1926-2005). Here is an interesting article about it : http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/nicholas-gonzalez-md-and-trophoblastic-theory-cancer


My protocol consist of a combination of the above.

  1. Bringing the pet into a ketogenic state (fat burning) by fasting
  2. Eliminate all carbs and sugar
  3. Introduce a calories restricted ketogenic diet for dogs; diet high in fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates
  4. Attack the cancer with non toxic drugs and different natural products. 


One thing that confirms my belief that cancer is related to food is that 99% of the dog owners that contact me for help have fed their pet commercial dog food for a long period of time. I know this is a strong statement, but so far I rarely seen a dog fed raw food with cancer. 

grey-wolf-1Grey Wolf are 99% genetically similar to dogs and they are both carnivores. 

Grey Wolves are carnivores that are 99% genetically similar to dogs; it has been scientifically proven that dogs are carnivores too1 and directly related to Grey Wolves2. Their digestive system is specifically designed for raw meats and edible bones. Depriving a dog of this vital source of food in my opinion compromises its ability to live a long, healthy life. Sadly, cancer is now being found in wolf sanctuaries that feed their wolves commercial dog food. 


Commercial dog food is a horrible diet for a carnivore. When 1 out of 4 kibble fed dogs get cancer, there must be something very wrong. 


My theory for the main cause of cancer in pets

In my opinion, the pancreas is the organ most damaged by commercial dog food. A dog's pancreas is vital for keeping the immune system healthy and able to fight off diseases like cancer. Commercial dog food subjects a dog’s pancreas to food that it was never designed to deal with. This puts a lot of stress on its primary function; producing digestive and protective enzymes. The result is that over time, the pancreas produces less and less of these enzymes and therefore limits the dog’s ability to obtain nutrients and protect itself from diseases. This in turn causes a weak immune system that no longer can effectively protect a dog from diseases.  We need to work with nature, not against it by feeding the right food. 


Take the first step NOW!

The first step in preventing cancer is to stop feeding commercial dog food. My research and documentation of raw fed dogs will prove that dogs that are fed a species-appropriate diet will dramatically reduce the risk of getting cancer. 


Prevention program

I have all my dogs on a cancer prevention program as an added insurance. In addition to bad nutrition, I also suspect strongly that vaccines can cause cancer to develop since they compromise the immune system with their toxic content. Most of my dogs are rescues and I don't often get to know their vaccination history. 


This is my simple cancer prevention protocol*

  • Raw food diet low in sugar and carbs
  • Essiac Tea 
  • Organic MSM (sulfur)
  • Apricot seeds
  • Coconut Oil
  • Diatomaceus Earth

To make this easier for you, I have created a 'prevention pack' that consist of 4 of these products so you don't have to research and find the ones what work. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation in regards to what is the best and purest. Some if these are produced in other countries and you would never know. I have done that research for you and these are the products I use on my dogs and recommend. This pack is listed here


If you want to put your pet(s) on this prevention program please register (link below) and I will help you get started and support you as long as you need. I also hope you will take part in the cancer prevention study I have. It consist of raw fed pets taking what I listed above.


*I can't of course grantee that your pet will never get cancer but based on my own experience this works for me and many others. 


If you need help with a dog that has cancer please read this first




1Dogs are carnivores Wikipedia

2Grey Wolf Wikipedia


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Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional and the advices I provide are based on 18 years of private research and personal experience with raw feeding and different natural remedies for keeping dogs cancer free. I always recommend seeing a professional veterinarian (preferable a holistic) if you suspect any health issues with your pet. 

I lost a dog to cancer and I was determined to never let that happen again, which is why I share this information. Too many pets die from cancer and I know it can be prevented in most cases and many lives can be saved.

All I want in return is your story. I'm building an archive of success stories that will hopefully show other pet owners that there is a natural approach to beating and preventing cancer.

If you decide to follow what I suggest, you do this entirely at your own risk.




Please Read

Over the last 18 years, I have helped pet owners make the switch to raw food and I’ve helped owners that have pets with cancer to beat the disease using a natural method.

I have built up a reputation and the sheer number of owners that need help has become overwhelming. I'm doing this alone and I'm spending every free minute of my free time helping pets so they can live long, healthy lives; that's my life mission.

Sadly, I have to limit the ones I help. It breaks my heart to do so because I know what a horrible feeling it is to have a pet with cancer – I have been there. I am only able to help the ones that take part in my research project. My research and the documentation of the benefits of raw feeding, plus the many stories about how alternative natural cancer treatments and prevention

If you need help with a pet that has cancer or want to participate in my raw feeding project, please go here.

Please Help Support These Projects

Please share and support these important projects. I'm doing this study and helping pets with cancer all out of my own pocket. Any contribution is appreciated greatly. We are now a Nonprofit 501c3 organization so your contribution is tax deductable. 



Thank You!


Free with your donation over $20

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Add Years to Your Pet's Life and Drastically Reduce the Risk of Your Pet Getting Cancer!


Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who is sitting on the fence and wanting to switch their dog or cat to a raw food diet yet are unsure how to do it. Maybe there is an element of fear or perhaps you are confused by the conflicting information online and in other books. Everything I describe in this book has been tested on my own pets, and many others, over the last 15 years. This is a beginner’s guide to raw feeding that will provide you with all the information you need to get started. In purchasing this book, you also gain personal access to me. In the forum section of my website I will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Consultations ? ?

Need to speak with me about your pet?

tom-2I now offer phone ? or skype ? consultations for those that have issues with their pets. For a small fee that goes to support these research projects, I will share everything I have learned over the last 20 years feeding a raw food diet and helping dogs and cats with cancer. MORE HERE

Detox Your Pet

This is what I use to detox pets coming from kibble. I also use this as a prevention protocol for my own pets. I have over 16 years of experience with this and the results speak for themselves, my pets and many other are still on this. 

pack 1

It is available here





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