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Your dog or cats has cancer

04 Jan 2014

 My vet told me "Your dog has cancer"

cam-1I lost Camelot I to cancer when he was 8 1/2 

I lost Camelot I to cancer when he was 8 ½ and I never want to hear those words again! Having a dog succumb to cancer was a heartbreaking experience. I am determined that no other dog in my care will ever be diagnosed with cancer. The recommendations I provide on this site are based on my research and experience over the past 15 years. I am not a medical professional and I am only sharing knowledge I have gained by observing what works over and over again

I have studied, researched, and witnessed the effectiveness of a natural substance called amygdalin. Although they are slightly different substances, amygdalin is more commonly referred to as B17 or laetrile. Accordingly, I will use the most common term, B17, throughout this article. Concentrated forms of B17 are often referred to as Amygdalin, and it is this concentrated form that you should use if your pet already has cancer.


B17 is natural and found in many plants and fruits, one of the highest concentrations is found in the apricot kernel. Apples also have a fairly high concentration in their seeds but, due to their small size, it is easier to use apricot kernels which are much larger in size.


For decades, there has been a lot of controversy around this natural supplement. I will not discuss this here, but when you conduct your own online research, you will find many positive stories about B17/laetrile as well as many that are negative. All I can attest to is what I have experienced firsthand. You should conduct your own research.


I also recommend other effective natural substances that I have recently finished testing.  I am very encouraged by the results, that could save even more pets. Some of these products seem to work in synergy with amygdalin making it potentially more effective than when given alone. 


I also recommend a fast, and a calorie-restricted raw food diet. Adding a few vitamins will increase the effectiveness of this protocol. 


Why register your pet?

I ask you to register because I am offering free help (please read update below)* in exchange for the privilege of documenting your case. I conduct private research into natural treatment/prevention for cancer, and every case is of great interest to me. I don't charge* for my information, and I will assist you for as long as you need me. I want to help you get your beloved pet healthy again and hopefully, avoid what I had to go through with my dear friend Camelot.


I hope to build a large archive of documented cases that show that there are successful alternatives to conventional treatments. That's what this is all about – saving pets and helping them live long healthy lives. You can help by sharing your story. Hopefully, we can make it a happy one. 


Update to how I can manage too many inquiries.  

Due to a growing demand for my help, I sadly cannot help everyone at this time. I'm forced to find a way to filter the demand down to a level I can manage. This is time-consuming work and I'm doing this with no assistance from others. Priority is given to owners that are willing make a small donation to my research ( Please understand that I am self-funding my research and with the help of donations from people that appreciate what I do). My experience is that people making donations are more responsive (good communication) and willing to work with me and my protocols. These donations are the life force for my research and they make it possible for me to delegate more time towards helping more pets. My goal is to be able to help everyone that needs help with their unfortunate situation. It breaks my heart not being able to help everyone. Therefore I humbly ask for your help until I find a major donor that is willing to back me up. I would like to give assistance without a financial burden to everyone; that's my ultimate goal. 


It's also important to “stick the course” and allow me to document your case all through the recovery/treatment phases, regardless of the outcome. These are extremely valuable data that I catalog and can use in future cases to help others, so please, if you decide to register for my help keep this in mind. 

Therefore, for me to properly document these cases, your feedback is vital. You will provide this feedback on a private section on my forum that is accessible to you and me only. All the information collected remains completely confidential. I will only share it with your written permission.  I will never disclose any personal information about your pet or you without your authorization.  


IMPORTANT: If you for financial reasons cannot make a donation, I completely understand, I have been there too. I trust your honesty.  I still want to help since this is all about your pet and hopefully, I can save you a substantial amount of money by taking a natural approach. You still need to be willing to share your case with me and also understand that I have to give priority to the ones that have made donations or purchased a support package. 


This is not how I wanted to do this, but until I get properly funded I have no choice. I have done this for over 17 years, and I have until early this year been able to manage without no outside help. But the demand is now too large for me to handle, I have bills to pay like everyone else, so the time divided between work and research/help/support is becoming my biggest challenge. But, helping pets live longer with less risk of getting cancer is my call in this lifetime, and I want to help as many dogs and cats as I can. So please regardless of your situation, register and we will take it from there. I'll do my very best to help your pet. As I mentioned I have been there, with my Dane Camelot that was taken from me by this awful disease. I felt so helpless, nobody was willing to help other than veterinarians wanting thousands of dollars just to extend his life a few months. I could not find anyone offering a natural approach treating dogs with cancer which put me on a path to change this. 

You can register here


 A word about donations:

Any amount of donation is equally appreciated, I want you to know that. But for a donation of $100 (or more), I am able to add the supplement package, (see below) plus my book. Unfortunately, I can only do this for US residents. You will only pay for shipping ($10)


  1. I will send you my treatment Package (same as the one listed on this page). It includes 4 important supplements to help your pet detox and restore the immune system to better fight the cancer.  
  2. You will receive my cancer-fighting protocol.
  3. You get faster response time to your questions (1-6 hrs) Normally (12-48 hrs)
  4. You receive my book (eBook) on how to switch and start your pet on a raw food diet. 


A natural cancer treatment protocol can save you thousands of dollars compared to standard of care solutions. Many continue to report success with this approach and have reported great value for my package. If your dog or cat is undergoing chemo these protocols have is some cases shown to be beneficial and in some cases help with pain and side effects. 


I take every case personally, and I am fully committed to helping all pets that register with Long Living Pets Reseach Projects (register).  Please only register if you want my help and support and willing to provide feedback through this process.  While I cannot guarantee any results, based on my experience, I am confident that if my protocol does not work, little if anything else will work. Some cases have been observed where this protocol does not save a pet due to excessive damage to vital organs prior to the start of the treatment plan.  This is very unfortunate because I personally know the pain of losing a pet and I never want to experience that pain again. I'll do everything in my power to help, but I can't guarantee it will always work. I hope you understand this. 


How to donate:

You can make your donation here

After making your donation, I will contact you immediately with all the information you need to get in contact with me and to start the process of saving your pet. Please indicate on the donation that you need help with cancer.

You can also purchase the package here


How to contact me: 

Please click here to contact me with your pet's information 

This is a secure form and I will never share any of your information. 



I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for participating in this project with me.



tom-cam-rex-1With Camelot II (black Dane) and Rex (fawn Dane). Rex was 12 in this picture. He lived until he was 13.Thomas Sandberg

'Helping pets live long healthy lives' is my mission.


 You can register and contact me here (register)






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