Name Cooper
Born September 6 2008
Breed Cocker Spaniel
Weight 28 lbs
Raw feeding type Barf
Age started on raw 9 years
Owner Cheyenne
Live Blue Springs, MO, USA




About Cooper:

Before the switch, Cooper had yeasty issues in his ears and stunk because of it. I also fed a crap kibble from the local feed store. I then got a job at a local holistic pet food store, and learned all about nutrition. At the time I couldn't afford raw, but switched him to Zignature kibble. That did help some, but not completely. After a few months of research and feeling confident enough, I finally started DIY Barf. Since then his ears have finally cleared up, he doesn't stink, he's lost his few extra pounds and is now at a perfect weight, his coat is so much smoother, and is more apt to play and run around than before.


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