13 Nov 2018


Name Teegan
Born Unknown
Breed Black Lab / mix
Weight 60 lbs
Raw feeding type Barf
Age started on raw 2 years
Owner Tione
Live Los Alamos, NM, USA




About Teegan:

Her poop is so much better- and less unpredictable. Her teeth are whiter, and her skin is smooth. She loves her feeding times. I think she is much happier.


teegan 5 18 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Lemon
Born August 11 2017
Breed Pug
Weight 9 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 6 months
Owner Wanda
Live Stone




About Lemon:

Lemon is on Primal complete. She made the switch effortlessly and has cleaner ears and her nose roll is cleaner.


lemon 5 18 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Otto
Born December 28 2017
Breed Mixed breed (Bernedoodle)
Weight 47 lbs
Raw feeding type Prey model raw
Age started on raw 10 weeks
Owner Stacey
Live Patchogue, NY, USA




About Otto:

I feed DIY PMR. When I got my puppy, he'd barely eat his high-quality kibble and didn't understand why. Then I saw an article about grain-free foods having a high concentration of pea proteins that were thought to contribute to dilated cardiomyopathy. I switched to raw right after that and he absolutely loves it!


otto 5 17 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Bentley
Born July 27 2014
Breed Havanese
Weight 13 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 3.5 years
Owner April
Live Lake Stevens, WA, USA




About Bentley:

Ground beef, broccoli, green beans, coconut oil, chia seeds, flax meal, raw beef bones, organ meats
He is pretty healthy. His brown hair has turned gray brown, I’m not sure it has anything to do with diet but it might. He is a little itchy and bites at his paws.


bentley 5 2 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Autumn
Born July 27 2014
Breed Havanese
Weight 12 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 3.5 years
Owner April
Live Lake Stevens, WA, USA




About Autumn:

I feed ground beef, broccoli, green beans, chia seeds, flax meal, coconut oil, raw bones, organ meats, she has always looked somewhat sickly, she is itchy, tears stains, constant ear infections, her hair feels rough not smooth and silky. I have a also a black lab who is dying of cancer and old age although she is only 10 years old. She has a huge fatty tumor on her belly but the vet says it’s nothing. I cannot afford to feed her raw but I can with the younger smaller two. That’s why I switched because I don’t want the other two to end up like our lab. Although I do buy the lab some raw bones and organ meat when I can.


autumn 5 2 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Sky
Born November 6 2014
Breed Shar-pei
Weight 25 kg
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 4 years
Owner Kelly
Live Walsall, England, UK




About Sky:

Only switched to raw today, well 25% as I'm transition to raw.  Generally very healthy but has had mild allergies from a pup, mostly yeast ear infections, this was controlled by having a intolerance test done and then cutting out majority listed. included coconut, salmon being two main issues.


sky 4 26 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Twinkle
Born January 28 2006
Breed Poodle dwarf / Miniature
Weight 8 kg
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 2 years
Owner Irma
Live Best, The Netherlands




About Twinkle:

Mixture raw. Beef. Chicken. Duck. Venison. Horse. Sardines. Goat. Lamb. Only healthy snacks.
12 years old . Only one sebacuous cyst removed 1 jaar ago. Still active, obedience training.


twinkle 4 26 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Angus
Born November 24 2011
Breed American Pitbull Terrier
Weight 70 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 2 years
Owner Trista
Live Ruckersville, VA, USA




About Angus:

Angus ate "premium" kibble from a puppy. I found him at 4 weeks before he should have been separated from his mother. He began to have reflux issues and cost us thousands in diagnostics and no answers. We switched him to Darwins raw and he thrived but it was too expensive so we switched to Vital Essentials Raw. The expense is a lot for an active farm dog. He now eats K9 Kraving raw and occasional kibble for convenience or travel. His reflux is improved but not gone. He is very healthy and active otherwise with no joint issues yet at age 7.


angus 4 25 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Leyna
Born March 9 2007
Breed Dachshund
Weight 14 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 7 years
Owner Trista
Live Ruckersville, VA, USA




About Leyna:

Leyna is a tweenie sized dachshund. When she was a puppy, I started her on kibble and she had esophageal spasms. I began to feed Honest Kitchen at age 5 and she did better, but I didnt like the carbs in it. She has been on Primal brand raw since age 7 and is thriving. She gets 1/3 patty twice daily and maintains a lean weight. She gets raw meaty bones or Bully Sticks as treats. We still battle dental issues with her, but I have only seen esophageal spasms 1-2 times in 4 years. I told her she is expected to live to 25. Haha


leyna 4 25 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Koda
Born June 30 2017
Breed Great Pyrenees
Weight 100 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 4 months
Owner April
Live Krum, Texas, USA




About Koda:

She was a rescue and was found in the Texas Summer with her litter-mates (one had passed away) on the side of the road with a note.  She is supposed to be 1/2 Saint Bernard and 1/2 Great Pyrenees but looks all Pyrenees.  She is beautiful and has zero health issues.  She was started on raw but was switched to kibble then switched back to raw.  I didn't know how horrible kibble was and had decided whatever I have to do to make it work none of my girls will ever eat kibble.


koda 4 16 18 1

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