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Calling all animal lovers who want to make a difference.

Become a part of history. This is the largest and longest study of dogs and cats into raw feeding. This is an unique opportunity to become a part of a study that documents the effects of raw feeding. 


tom cam odin 1I have reached a point where my projects will soon become unmanageable. I could sure use some help! I spend most of my day helping pets with cancer, and when time allows, entering new participants into my study. My goal is to add 10,000 dogs and 5,000 cats in 2017. I will document their lives on a raw food diet.


I also see a need to promote raw feeding in a different way. There is too much false information out there, and this makes it very confusing for new raw feeders to take the first step and begin raw feeding their pets. I want to end this confusion.


My research will document the benefits of raw feeding, and over time, it will gain traction as more valuable results come out of this 30-year study. In the meantime, I believe that we can do so much more. 


For a long time now, I have wanted to create a special tribe of highly dedicated animal lovers who want to make a difference, and I have finally decided to start one. If you join now, you will have the option to give your input on what to call this group. 


I am looking for people who understand that the way we handle pet care today is not beneficial to our pets. With over 50% of our dogs getting cancer, something is seriously wrong! As you know, pets today suffer from many other diseases too. This is unacceptable to me, and if you feel the same way, please join me in my effort to change this. We need to take action now! If you agree, I hope that you will consider joining this tribe. I know that you are out there; I see you on the forums of which I am a member. You have the passion and desire to help pet owners provide the best life possible for their pets. Do you feel like me sometimes, and wonder: “Am I making any difference? Are people listening?”


Definition of a tribe: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.


In our tribe, our goal is to improve the health of our pets by educating pet owners on information that we have deemed well-documented, and more importantly, harmless to our pets when used in a responsible way.

The issue I see is that we all want to help and make a difference, but individually, we can only do so much. The strength of any message or cause lies in numbers. When I see someone post a question on these forums, and people with great knowledge respond repeatedly with the same solutions, that — to me, at least — appears powerful and convincing.



The strength of any message or cause lies in numbers



I never ask anyone to believe me when I voice my opinions on these forums. I encourage pet owners who are asking questions about their dog’s or cat’s health to do their research. I often guide them to sources I trust so that they can read and make up their opinions. Many do their research and scan the internet for information, but there are two sides to this. The internet is a fantastic source of good information, but it also contains a great deal of bad information. How does someone new to raw feeding — someone who is curious about treating their pets with natural remedies, and has questions about vaccinations, flea treatments, and heart worm medications — sort this all out? It is not easy! The internet is full of contradictions and misinformation.


I would like to create a source for all this, a source that people can trust because it is vetted by knowledgeable people. I would like to have a group of pet owners who can help me conduct research on the protocols, products, and natural treatment options found online. As a group, we will validate and vote on what we recommend, and create an archive of resources that pet owners can access and study.


That is one important project that I would like to start.


Others are:

1. A monthly newsletter featuring the benefits of raw feeding and using natural protocols to prevent common diseases and health conditions. Inform people that there are alternatives to drugs and medication when it comes to preventing and treating common health issues. One important aspect of this is to educate pet owners on why the current symptom-based healthcare model is not working. I am not out to bash anyone, but I would like to share information on effective treatment and prevention methods that are proven to be healthy for dogs and cats. The problem we run into is that very little research, and very few studies, are conducted on natural products. Sorting out what is trustworthy reporting and what is not is a major challenge.


My study is starting to produce some very interesting observational results. I try to collect as much information as possible in each case in order to make my study as trustworthy as possible without being scientific. I think that there is tremendous value in these cases, and my goal is to eventually get funded in order to upgrade to true scientific studies. Most scientific studies stem from of observational studies that indicated strong trends of consistent, replicable results. Most of my cases can be replicated as well. This will also be a unique opportunity for you to get access to what work on when it comes to protocols, products, and cancer treatment options. I generally do not share this. 


2. Promote my study and encourage more pet owners to join me with their pets. Become a recruiter. It is all about numbers. As I mentioned earlier, I want to follow a pool of 10,000 dogs and 5,000 cats. If this study produces consistent longer lives and a dramatic reduction in cancer rates, then something is going on, and someone will take notice. It will be impossible to ignore these findings.


3. Help create Facebook campaigns that promote raw feeding. I will pay for these. I'm referring to 'poster ads' with catchy slogans. 


4. Help make raw feeding videos, help with Q&A-type webinars.


5. Help with writing, rewriting, and proofreading.


I am planning on using a software called Basecamp where we can collaborate as a tribe. It is a project-type software that makes managing multiple projects easy. After I approve your application, I will invite you to join. I encourage pet owners from all over the world to participate. I would love to see an international tribe.


I hope that we can have weekly or monthly video conferences where we get to know each other and brainstorm ideas. My goal is to become a close-knit group of good friends, and to stay together for a long time. The goal is to become the best online resource for raw feeding.


I am in the process of exploring funding options for my research, including a research center on my property. In this proposal, I have included compensation for contributors. At this time, I cannot compensate anyone for their contributions, but I hope to change this once I receive proper funding. I am asking for a lot, I know, but I also know that some of you will do this for the cause, without asking for anything in return. Eventually, I will be able to thank those people and compensate them. I am confident that as my study grows and gains notoriety, funds will increase, and I will be able to share this with you.


If you believe in my cause and would like to support this tribe, and join the fight for our beloved pets’ health and longevity, please fill out an application, and I will get back to you with more information. I would like to talk to everyone who is interested on the phone, or using voice Skype if you live outside the U.S., Canada or Mexico.




(This is a secure form. All information stays with me)  


I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you.


Thomas Sandberg

Founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects


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Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional and the advices I provide are based on 18 years of private research and personal experience with raw feeding and different natural remedies for keeping dogs cancer free. I always recommend seeing a professional veterinarian (preferable a holistic) if you suspect any health issues with your pet. 

I lost a dog to cancer and I was determined to never let that happen again, which is why I share this information. Too many pets die from cancer and I know it can be prevented in most cases and many lives can be saved.

All I want in return is your story. I'm building an archive of success stories that will hopefully show other pet owners that there is a natural approach to beating and preventing cancer.

If you decide to follow what I suggest, you do this entirely at your own risk.




Please Read

Over the last 18 years, I have helped pet owners make the switch to raw food and I’ve helped owners that have pets with cancer to beat the disease using a natural method.

I have built up a reputation and the sheer number of owners that need help has become overwhelming. I'm doing this alone and I'm spending every free minute of my free time helping pets so they can live long, healthy lives; that's my life mission.

Sadly, I have to limit the ones I help. It breaks my heart to do so because I know what a horrible feeling it is to have a pet with cancer – I have been there. I am only able to help the ones that take part in my research project. My research and the documentation of the benefits of raw feeding, plus the many stories about how alternative natural cancer treatments and prevention

If you need help with a pet that has cancer or want to participate in my raw feeding project, please go here.

Please Help Support These Projects

Please share and support these important projects. I'm doing this study and helping pets with cancer all out of my own pocket. Any contribution is appreciated greatly. We are now a Nonprofit 501c3 organization so your contribution is tax deductable. 



Thank You!


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This is what I use to detox pets coming from kibble. I also use this as a prevention protocol for my own pets. I have over 16 years of experience with this and the results speak for themselves, my pets and many other are still on this. 

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