Colloidal Silver (Made by Long Living Pets Research) I have for many years used Colloidal Silver (CS) for myself and my pets. I think it is a product everyone should have. With it’s ability to control and destroy antibiotic-resistance super bugs how can you not love this? In the early 80s UCLA Medical School under the supervision of Larry C Ford. MD, undertook a study of silver’s effect on pathogens. He documented 650 different disease causing pathogens that were neutralized within a few minutes after being exposed to silver. No drug created can do this with no side effects. I find this absolutely mind blowing. For the last year I have researched to find the best brands. I had no idea what I was about to find out. The confusion is astonishing, there are many brands out there and everyone seem to claim to have the best product. I was about to give up when I found a trusted source that guided me to the best solution. That was to make it myself using the best Colloidal Silver maker on the market. I now have a CS solution that I believe is among the best on the market. It is easily absorbed and most importantly easily excreted since the solution’s particle size is extremely small (08 nanometers). When it comes to silver less is more since smaller particles result in greater surface area. Therefore our 10-20 ppm solutions are more effective than many other brands claiming higher ppm. We keep our CS in amber or cobalt glass bottles to preserve the quality of the CS. We also make it to order, so it is always fresh. If you store the solution in the bottle and in a dark, cool place the CS stays potent for years. Do not refrigerate. Our CS is made with 99.99% pure silver and we use pure distilled water that we double purify ourself and we also test each batch. I give this to my pets and I take it myself and anyone that knows me also knows how ‘anal’ I am about purity. This is one of the reasons I make this myself so I know what goes into my pet’s and my own body. And like most of my supplements it is made in USA, I guess you figured that out.

Benefits that intrigue me

What is astonishing to me is that Colloidal Silver (CS) unlike many prescription antibiotic drugs, does not promote immunity or resistance in the organisms CS destroys. This is huge since The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that in an excess of 2 million people become ill and 23,000 die from antibiotic resistance infections. I don’t know the number for pets but I’m sure it is way up there too. These drugs that bacteria and viruses find ways to become immune resistance to will then be replaced with other drugs and we all know most drugs come with a host of bad side effects. The cumulative side effects of trying different drugs to kill these immune resistant organisms infuse the body with chemicals. metals and toxins that in turn ruins the immune system; our main protection from dis-ease. Dis-ease is a result of lack of protection from pathogens, allowing these to do harm instead of being neutralized and or removed. The protection is the immune system. It always comes back to the status if the immune system. A healthy immune system is the best defense and promotes balance in the body (homeostasis). Another severe effect of attempting to kill pathogenic organisms with antibiotics long term is the effect they have on the good bacteria in the body which is vital to the immune system. In a healthy body there is a balance between the good and the ‘bad’ bacteria that is optimal for each species since they need both. Disrupting this balance can lead to dis-ease, (out of homeostasis). The digestive track is particularly vulnerable and that’s where we find 70% of the immune system. Hospitals and vet clinics are known to host these super bugs and super bacteria where they survive and multiply. An easy solution that I don’t understand so few do not take advantage of is to use colloidal silver to wipe these bacteria out in a safe and clean manner. I personally avoid at all cost any vet visits with my dogs. In some case we can’t but I prefer mobile vets. I think having the vet come to your home is beneficial in so many ways. There are so many reported benefits to CS that I can’t list them all here. It is as useful for humans as it is for animals. Here are some for dogs and cats. 1. Avoid infections. I’m all about prevention when it comes to every aspect of health care. That is in my opinion the definition of health care, to prevent dis-ease. If you have an active pet running around outdoors and doing what pets do; investigating sniffing and playing they are bound to get some scrapes, cuts and other injuries. These can lead to infections if unattended to. The easy way to avoid this is to spray your pet with CS. With its antibiotic and anti-fungal properties it protects and also speeds up the healing process. I’m amazed how quickly my pet’s wounds heal after I do this. If you need to bandage an injury, first add a couple of drops of CS inside the bandage. A friend of mine once went to a vet (holistic) with an injury and he used this method and was charged $75 for the visit. You can do this for less that 10 cents. 2. Treat Infections. If your pet seems under the weather, sleeps a lot, do not eat he or she may be fighting an infection. If it is from an external wound or injury you would know since this will include inflammation and swelling. A good dose of colloidal silver orally several times a day is an effective way to fight the infection from the inside. You may have to do this for a week or so. When it comes to suggested dosages those are from my experience but you need to monitor this since pets do react differently. These are guidelines, there is plenty of room for adjustments. Silver is safe unless giving in very high dosages over a long period of time. a. Giant dogs over 100 lbs : Up to 15 ml two to three times a day b. Large Dogs 50-100 lbs: Up to 10 ml two to three times a day c. Medium Dogs 30-100 lbs: Up to 8 ml two to three times a day d. Small Dogs Under 30 lbs: Up 5ml two to three time a day. 3. Healing you pet’s skin issues. Pets get rashes, ring worms and other skin problems. CS is in my opinion an excellent choice for these issues. Just spray on the infected area several times daily for a few days or until you see the healing process is taking place, then you can back off to once a day. I have seen these condition being alleviated with this approach: a. Itches b. Rashes c. Eczema the type that causes dry skin d. Fade away those small pimple like pumps e. If some of this does not seem to heal, try a topical gel or cream solution. 4. Stomach Aches. Pets are scavengers and explorers always searching for something interesting to smell and sometimes eat. We never really know what they ingest since we can’t keep an eye on them every second 24/7. It only takes a second or two for them to pick up something from the ground and eat it. If your pet has a tummy ache my preferred treatment is SC orally several times a day. I use the dropper to “squirt” it into their mount. The same dosages listed above applies. You can add this to their water or food. 5. Keep your dog and cat Fungi-Free. Again prevention is the best approach. Spray your pet once a day and the areas they sleep. Also, add an ounce or so to the water bowl. This can save you thousands of dollars in vet visits and medication. It’s an absolute no brainier to me and probably one of the reasons my 11 year (2018) old Great Dane has never been to the vet for any health issues. 6. Smell and odors. In some older pets you may have accidents due to incontinent issues. After cleaning it up spray some CS on the spot and you’ll have no odor. My 17 year old Dachshund came down with a UTI last year and had a few accidents until I got it under control. Oh man that is some strong odor! CS was my savior and made me realize how effective this stuff really is. 7. This one is quite amazing. A client of mine had read that cats will stop spraying areas (in this case his front door) after he used CS to eliminate the odor. He did this at his house and it worked. Stray cats used to hose his porch down every night. After applying CS over the area, the smell vanished and so did the trays. That is interesting! I have 6 animals, 4 dogs and two cats and I often board others. We live a very active lifestyle and I walk my pack twice a day on mountain trails and in the woods. Occasionally they get cuts from stepping on sharp rocks or being brushed by twigs from trees breaking their skin. CS is the first and only thing I apply in most cases. The wounds always heal up quickly. Robert O. Becker, MD claims that CS stimulates healing of soft tissue like the skin. In 2012 Pharmacognosy in an article wrote that they recommended specifically that colloidal silver should be considered a topical treatment option for periodontists, burns, thrush and other conditions. Tina Capitis (ringworm) is another condition that CS has been very effective in treating due to its potent anti-fungal properties. Ringworm is very contagious and spread by skin contact and material that has been directly exposed to the fungus like clothing. Ringworm live on the top layer of the skin. Eye and ear infections are condition that can be treated by Colloidal Silver. One of my Danes (Odin) that I rescued was vaccinated twice in one week by accident. The owner got the puppies mixed up. Odin will occasional get eye or ear infections. I apply a few drops to his eye and ears and they clean out within a week sometimes earlier. Tarter removal. My oldest Dane (11) will accumulate a small amount of tarter on the upper part of his canines. I spray CS on them for1-2 week days and it will be dissolved. I can keep the tarter free by applying CS once or twice a week. I could go on.
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