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Current Research and Testing

As most of you do know I constantly research and test natural products. I have over the last 20 some years tested many products that claim to be helpful protecting the immune system. This is an ongoing project. Below is a list of some of the products I have tested and still are testing.
Those marked: [ST] - Still testing [NT] - Not testing at the time [OL] - On my list to test. 1. Amygdalin (B17) a. Seeds [ST] b. Capsules [ST] c. Injectable [NT] 2. Zinc [ST] 3. B15 [ST] 4. MSM (Sulfur) [ST] 5. Essiac Tea [ST] 6. DE [ST] 7. DSMO [NT] 8. DMG [OL] 9. Collidial Silver 10. Artemisinin [ST] 11. DCA [ST] 12. Rick Simpson Oil 13. Magnesium oil [ST] 14. Turmeric a. Golden Paste [NT] b. Superghee [ST] 15. Resvantage [ST] 16. Dandelion Root [ST] 17. Liv-Pro [ST] 18. DPG [ST] 19. NK-9 [ST] 20. 3-BP [OL] 21. Metatrol [ST] 22. Poly-MVA [ST] 23. GSH [ST] 24. Yunnan Baiyao [ST] 25. Selenium [ST] 26. Milk Thistle [ST] 27. Ashwanganda 28. Baicalein (Chinese skullcap) 29. Vitamin C [NT] 30. Vitamin D3 [ST] 31. Chlorella [NT] 32. CQ10 [ST] 33. Omega 3 [ST] 34. Protandim (Nerf1 and nerf 2) [ST] 35. Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) [ST] 36. Copoiba [ST] 37. Nux vomica [ST] 38. Mercurius [ST] 39. Magnesium [ST] 40. Potassium [ST] 41. Iodine [ST] 42. TA-65MD Telomere Regeneration 43. MCT Oils [ST] 44. AHCC [ST] 45. Arnica [ST] 46. Calendula [OL] 47. Black Salve [OL] 48. IP6 [OL] 49. ApoCaps [NT] 50. Medical Mushroom [ST] a. Shiitake b. Maitake c. Reishi d. Cordycepts 51. San Shedan Chuanbei Ye 52. Turkey Tail [ST] I’m also testing several of the above products in combination to see if I can detect a synergy effect.

Current product testing and I’m looking for


C60 - Carbon 60

I’m currently testing a product called C60. Carbon 60 (C-60) is a Carbon structure based on the Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome design (nicknamed Buckyballs). C-60 is also known as Fullerene – after Bucky Fuller. C-60 is a molecule that is shaped very much like a soccer ball. It is a molecule in the shape of a spherical ball, made of 60 carbon atoms (C60). Its structure has both hexagon and pentagon formations. It is found in nature, as the result of the residuals of a lightning strike typically in soot or other carbon-based ash in very small amounts. The C-60 is also made in laboratories with an expensive and time consuming synthetic process. In the numerous independent Laboratories and Universities research studies, primarily in Russia, Europe, China, and Japan, noted in the references cited below have shown remarkable health and longevity benefits. The medical and chemical research industry noticed the physical properties of C-60 several years ago in the mid-1980’s. They discovered that C-60 was physically inactive, in that they won’t react with anything indicating that they are harmless and totally non-toxic to the body. More here