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L-Glutathione Complex This supplement is a premium glutathione enhancing supplement that can raise the levels of this most important antioxidant in the body better than anything I have found. There is, in my opinion, nothing like it on the market today. I have for the longest time been looking for a product that actually will raise the glutathione levels. Glutathione is made in the body with the help of several precursors. Supplementing with Glutathione only is worthless since it gets destroyed by the acids in the digestive system and never reaches the cells. Therefore most glutathione products are not working, save your money. We need to add the precursors.

Benefits of Glutathione production

Anti aging Anti-inflammatory Athletic performance and recovery Brain health Liver health Energy production and cellular metabolism Skin health Heavy metal chelation Immune function DNA health These are some of the great benefits reported from human trials and research. Little or nothing has been done with dogs and cats. In my opinion, most of the benefits observed in humans also apply to our pets. I have several dogs and cats participating in an observational study using this product. I hope to report back with results from this shortly. I already see great improvements in my 17 year old Dachshund. If you decide to start your pet on this supplement, please let me know. I hope you will consider taking part in the same study with your pet(s). If I can get better funding, I will cover the cost of the supplement in the future.

What does it take to make Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is synthesized from 3 amino acids (tripeptide) 1. L-Glutamic acid 2. L-Cysteine 3. Glycine That process happens inside the body, and the results depend on what is available. Glutamic acid and glycine are available in most natural foods. The key limiting factor is L-Cysteine. Cysteine (SH) also acts as a proton donor and responsible for the biological activity of Glutathione. Therefore this natural process of producing Glutathione is depended on a good consistent supply of cysteine. The problem is that cysteine is lacking in most of the food we consume. That causes most people and animals to be unable to produce enough glutathione. This can lead to major health issues and in my opinion one of the integral causes that lead to the development of chronic diseases. I do believe if we can ensure a good glutathione production we can keep our pets healthy much longer. This is unknown to most.

Glutathione is responsible for these extremely important functions

Clearing out toxins from the cells Chelating heavy metals from the cells (even in the brain) Regulating immune functions Reducing inflammation Prevent damage to the cells brought by reactive oxygen species (ROS) like free radicals and peroxides. These detoxifications are ongoing and take place in all cells. When the body fights infections, illness and chronic diseases the storage demand for glutathione increases and stored glutathione deplete quickly. On top of this stress and the environment can severely deplete glutathione stores. I believe the lack of glutathione is the root of many health issues and why it is so difficult to recover from them. Glutathione passes through cells and acts as a magnet for toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals. If we do not have enough GSH, this cleaning process is not happening. Domesticated pets live in a polluted environment and are constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxins. There are over 1000 studies done on GSH and on the benefits of it. I believe every dog coming from kibble is deficient in GSH even dogs on raw could benefit from a boost in their GSH levels by adding these precursors. I give all my dogs this, and I take it myself. If you are struggling with allergies raising GSH levels may be what is needed. I am starting to see some encouraging results in pets with severe allergies. I hope to report back with the results very soon. GSH is an antioxidant-foundation for all cells. It neutralizes free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). It maintains antioxidants like vitamin C and D. What we know and understand is that vitamin C and D do not work without glutathione. A dog produces on an average 500 mg of vitamin C daily. If low on GSH this vitamin C production is not doing anything for the dog and a total waste. Same with vitamin E. These are extremely important antioxidants and powerful cancer fighters and need glutathione to be synthesized. Glutathione is a key player in metabolic and biochemical reactions. The level of GSH impacts every single system in the body. It is involved in super important functions like the repair and synthesis of DNA, proteins, the transport of amino acids into the cells and many enzyme activations. These are all fundamental functions to the body and essential for building healthy new cells and in the overall promotion and support of a healthy immune system. Protecting and avoiding diseases and illnesses resulting from DNA mutations is an important function of GSH. A very common condition seen more often is Methylenetetrahydrofolate (MTHFR) this is a condition that severely reduces cellular and glutathione synthesis. This genetic condition can be combated with glutathione synthesis supporting supplements and boost the function of all bodily systems. Maintaining high levels of glutathione ensures healthy functional cells on all levels down to the DNA and RNA.

Liver health

The liver is a detoxifying powerhouse and the most important organ when it comes to eliminating toxins from the body. The highest concentration of glutathione is found in the liver where it supports the detoxifying process, protecting the liver from damage, repairing damaged liver cells, and preventing chronic inflammation which is a leading cause of free radical formation and oxidative damage. The liver has an amazing ability to recover from damage when given the right tools. Yes you read right, the liver can be restored back to normal functions.

Cognitive damage

Over time chemicals and toxins from vaccines, medication, drugs, flea and tick treatment and from the environment accumulates in the brain cells and can lead to cognitive decline. These toxins and chemicals are resistant to most antioxidants. The main obstacle is the blood brain barrier. This barrier fends of most toxins and heavy metals but some slips through. It also prevents many antioxidants from penetrating, and that’s not a good thing since this allows the accumulation of certain toxins and chemicals which can result in severe damage and illness. Certain antioxidants have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and help detoxify the brain. You guessed it! Glutathione is one of these antioxidants with the ability to chelating heavy metals and removes harmful toxins from brain cells. Having adequate storage of glutathione may, in my opinion, prevent most brain disorders including, tumors, seizures, and chronic inflammation. I will start a study on this in the near future.


Dogs (and humans) with type 2 diabetes that have been tested for glutathione levels have found to have severely low glutathione synthesis mainly due to the lack of precursors. Hyperglycemia is associated with low GSH levels leading to a high oxidative stress which can lead to serious damage to the tissue. Studies have shown that increasing the GSH levels lower oxidative stress and oxidant damage, reducing tissue damage and strengthens the immune system.


Cellular energy productions determine overall energy and stamina. The mitochondria are the power plant of the cell responsible for producing energy (ATP). Other functions of the mitochondria are cell signaling, cell differentiation, and to control the cell cycle and growth including apotheosis (programmed cell death). Mitochondrial dysfunctions are contributed to many diseases due to its effect on cellular metabolism. Damage to the mitochondria causes neurological disorders, myopathy, diabetes and a wide range of other disorders even cancer. There is a very serious issue with mitochondrial mutations when reactive oxygen species (ROS) are high. This oxidative stress results in a dramatic elevation of mitochondrial DNA mutations. This is known as mitochondrial free radical theory and speeds up the aging process. I believe this is one of the reasons dogs and cats age so much faster and live such short lives and also why 50-70% get cancer. High levels of glutathione are essential for proper energy production, replication and to drastically slow down the again process.


In a healthy body inflammation is a part of the healing response. When the body can no longer control it and crosses the line from healthy to harmful, we have a problem. Nearly all cells contain a protein called factor kappa beta (NF-kB). This small protein complex is involved in regulating the immune response and a range of other functions like inflammatory stimuli, stress, cytokines, free radicals, bacteria, and viruses. When NF-k8 becomes activated, it can start an unregulated ongoing inflammatory response that can spread and manifest itself throughout the body. This triggers the release of huge amounts of free radicals that are harmful to the cells causing yet more inflammation and the creating of more free radicals. This is a vicious scenario often seen in pets and can be extremely frustrating to the owners since it is very difficult to manage. If the situation was not bad enough adding medication in an attempt to ‘heal’ this painful condition for the poor pets is making things worse. This approach is symptomatic of an underlying condition, and therefore any relief is temporary and eventually will often return with other side effects triggered by the medication. But the serious and often permanent side effect of this allopathic approach is a major hit to immune functions causing an overall decline in immune response and opens the door for many chronic diseases. This is an extremely common scenario for our pets today. The sad fact is that this could be easily avoided if we would treat our dogs and cats as carnivores, not omnivores. OK, so how do we avoid this nightmare? Again you guessed it! Glutathione to the rescue. NF-kB has a switch that glutathione has access to and can turn to off. Not just that GSH will then (if enough is available) clean up the damage caused by the inflammation and the attacks from free radicals including the elimination of them. That means the path to restoring a pet is not man made drugs. It is empowering the body to fight back to homeostasis from within by supplying it with precursors that boost glutathione productions. But the best approach is to prevent it all by ensuring an adequate supply and storage of glutathione at all times. Glutathione’s ability to so effectively preventing chronic inflammation and prevent the out of control response to inflammation makes this the best approach to treat most health disorders in my opinion. It’s a miraculous natural, non- toxic approach that can save many lives and also save many pet owners from financial ruin caused by high veterinary bills. The incidents of autoimmune diseases have exploded over the last decade, and that is in my opinion partly due to depleted glutathione levels originating from an unhealthy and unregulated response to inflammation. Glutathione is also involved in T-cell production by stimulating and increasing the number of receptors responsible for T-Cell production. This is important during an illness like cancer. You can get glutathione in supplement form some better than others. To sort this out, I will explain how glutathione supplementation can be beneficial. There are two forms of glutathione in the body, reduced (GSH) and the oxidative form, glutathione disulfide (GSSG). The cellular toxicity level is measured by the ratio between these two forms. The more GSSG measured the higher the toxicity. A healthy cell is one that measures about 90% reduced GSH and 10% (GSSG). When we see elevated GSSG that indicates increased levels of oxidative stress. When the reduced glutathione becomes oxidized the recycling process is initiated and then converts back to its antioxidant form and again goes back to hunting down reactive oxygen species (ROS). This beautiful process is a never ending one and goes on 24/7 in the body under one condition, a sufficient production and storage of glutathione must be available. With low or no glutathione this extremely important function cease to exist and can be devastating to the body if not acted upon. If you have researched glutathione products, you will find two versions. Reduced and oxidized. You want the reduced form. But, and it is a big but! Before giving your pet glutathione orally, you need to know a few things. Both reduced and oxidized glutathione, when taken orally, is broken down by the digestive system destroying most of the glutathione molecule, only a small part manage to survive but not enough to make a difference. What you want is the Acetyl glutathione and the Liposomal glutathione. The bioavailability of these is much better. These forms of glutathione protect the molecule from being damaged by the digestive juices and therefore provide the body with a much higher amount to absorb. These are by far the best way to provide the body with glutathione and you will always want to use one of these. There are however several precursors that also promote the internal glutathione synthesis increasing the level of GSH. You want to use a supplement that includes these precursors and combined with a direct bioavailable form of GSH. A quick note about Liposomal glutathione. The lipid shield is what protects the glutathione molecule from being destroyed by the digestive process. The problem is that it has a limited shelf life. Over time the phospholipid shield breaks down. Unless you know with certainty, that you will have a product that is delivered to you promptly and has not been sitting on a shelf for some time you’re OK. The reality is that you never really know. Therefore Acetyl Glutathione is the best choice since it does not degrade like liposomal glutathione does. When an acetyl group bonds to an organic molecule its ability to cross the blood brain barrier increases significantly. That’s what we want! This acetylated glutathione molecule is quickly absorbed by the body as intact GSH. Glutathione precursors are nutrients that enhance the production of glutathione. Some describe them as the building material necessary for an effective and sustainable production of GSH. By providing a combination of precursors and natural GHS recyclers the level of glutathione can be increased significantly without the supplementation of GSH directly. That is important to understand since supplementing with GSH alone have no or little effect due to what I mentioned earlier and that GSH being destroyed by the digestive process.

So what are these supplements and precursors you ask?

Cysteine Vitamin E Vitamin C Vitamin K Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Riboflavin (B2) CoQ10 Selenium Milk Thistle Magnesium Zinc As mentioned earlier Glutathione is made up of 3 amino acids, glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine. The two first are readily available in most of the food we eat. Cysteine is not. This cause cysteine to be the rate limiting factor when it comes to glutathione production. N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is a derivative from cysteine and has in itself has powerful antioxidant properties. NAC is one of the most effective ways to boost glutathione synthesis which takes place in the body. I highly recommend adding this to a supplement plan. The good thing it is very reasonable. By taking NAC orally, you can boost the GSH production drastically for a short term. Supplementing frequently ensures high consistent GSH levels. I suggest stacking NAC with GSH. That was a pretty long explanation about glutathione, but I think it is so important to understand how essential this antioxidant is and I know from experience when I mention this very few understand what it does and even heard it. I highly suggest if you are coming from kibble or struggle with any health issues to add this glutathione supplement and NAC for a couple of months. I have perfectly healthy dogs, and I add these to my prevention protocol since I’m convinced they will help protect my dogs and slow down the aging process significantly.
The liver has an amazing ability to recover from damage when given the right tools.
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