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Nrf2 and Nrf1 activators (the guardian of lifespan)

About 2 years ago during my research into oxidative stress and antioxidants I learned about Nrf2 and how incredible important that pathway is. Nrf2 is a powerful protein that is found inside every single cell in the body and there are about 37 trillion of them! Little less in dogs. This protein is latent waiting for an activator to release it. Once release it is heading straight for the the location of the DNA which is the nucleus for the cell. Here it bonds at the location that regulates the antioxidant system found in all cells. Specifically (for nerds like me) this is the location for Antioxidant Response Element (ARE, you will also see it named hARE, human antioxidant response element). This element is found in every cell For optimal health we need to makes sure we manage the balance between cellular damage and repair and rejuvenation. This becomes increasingly disrupted as the pet age or if the body is overcome with dis- ease resulting in cellular damage know as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress and the related damage from free radicals is in my opinion and many others (back up by thousands of papers) the root cause of hundreds of diseases and the rapid aging we see in dogs and cats. Please research this, I don’t want you to blindly trust me, please verify. I will list some good resources below. If you go to pubmed and search for Nrf2 you will see over 2300 papers on this protein that almost nobody has hear of. I predict the name ‘Nrf2 activators’ will become as common as cholesterol in 5 years. With this massive increase in studies something is lingering and waiting to become public knowledge. Most of you have heard of antioxidant fighters like vitamin C and E. Berries and many juices also neutralizes free radicals so they can’t do us any harm. Many even add these to their pet’s food. Remember dogs and cats make their own vitamin C from protein and fat. But they need a healthy production of glutathione to accomplish this. That becomes severely compromised in dogs fed kibble (lack of natural nutrients) and is in my opinion one of the reason dogs and cats can’t sustain homeostasis and protect themselves from many common diseases. They become victims of oxidative stress early on. Fighting free radicals with nutrients rich in antioxidants is a one on one fight -one molecule of these antioxidants from nutrients neutralizes one free radical. This works as long as the antioxidants do not become inadequate in numbers and can no longer prevent the damage from the free radicals. The battle is lost. But, there is a solution… The body can get an upper hand in a powerful way by using its self protective mechanism. This function is already there in all cells. When the Nrf2 becomes activated inside the nucleolus a switch is turned on to initiate the production of powerful antioxidant enzymes like Catalase, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione. This is a game changer of massive proportions! They can neutralize up to one million free radicals per second every second 24/7. I don’t know about you but I find this extremely fascinating. That’s is by far a much better approach to slow down the aging process and manage dis-ease. This is what got me interested in finding ways to stimulate the Nrf2 activation. As I mentioned they are all present in the cells waiting for a signal to migrate to the nucleolus. So I was on the hunt to find out what makes Nrf2 tick and initiate this army of one million per second killers of antioxidants. I’m a student of Nutrigenomics and I think this science will become the main stream one day. Here is how Wikipedia defines it. Nutrigenomics is a branch of nutritional genomics and is the study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression. This means that Nutrigenomics is research focusing on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactives with the genome. This has been done for thousands of years by ancient civilizations using what nature provide us. Almost every condition has a natural solution in my opinion. I have always been (as a naturopath) a strong believer in “We are what we eat” I also believe most diseases can be managed with proper nutrition by activating natural biochemical functions we and our pets are equipped with. Many of these functions have been compromised by poor nutrition and exposure to toxins and chemicals. Even genes that could trigger dis-ease in a body can in most cases be controlled by providing the body food and nutrients the digestive system was designed for. Through the study of Nutrigenomics many foods have been found to be activators of the Nrf2 pathways (migration to the cells). They may not be rich in antioxidants in itself, but they have the ability to activate and send the Nrf2 protein to the DNA and start the process of producing a massive amount of antioxidants. It is fascinating to me that a small amount of NRF2 activating proteins in these foods can result in the production of thousands of antioxidants. Nature never stops amazing me. The bottom line is that activating the Nrf2 protein is a far better protection against damaged done by free radicals than antioxidant supplements. This was a huge wakeup call for me. This also explained why I did not see any results from many for the tests I have done with antioxidants given to pets. I think one of the main issues is the poor bioavailability of plant materials going through a very acidic environment like a dog’s and cat’s stomach. The lack of proper and enough enzymes (amylase and cellulase) necessary to break down cellulose limits the effectiveness of utilizing antioxidants from plant sources in a carnivore’s digestive system. That lead me to an amazing product that seem to activate this process better than any I have found. Back two years ago when I started this research I did not find this product, it was available but for some reason it escaped my research. A few moths ago one of my clients told me about this product and I become immediately fascinated with it since it was backed up by several scientific studies and papers (27). I also found a lot of testimonials from people and pets that used this it to recover from a wide range of conditions. I have to be careful stating the benefits but I want you to google Protandim. You will find some interesting videos on YouTube too. The only issue I have is that it is sold through distributors. So in order to send people to a place to order I will have to find a distributors that sells this and they will earn a commission. So therefore, I signed up my non-profit organization as a distributor. This way the commission goes to the foundation that supports research into natural modalities for cancer prevention and cures. That’s a win win for both the user and my foundation. The link to the page to purchase this product is here: longlivingpetsresearchfoundation.lifevantage.com I want to stress that I am not tempting you to enroll in this program. You can buy the product and not get involved in the business side of it. This is the only way to get this but it helps my foundation and cause. In return I will offer everyone that purchase this product a ½ hour free consultation with me (a $25 value). After your purchase this product please make an appointment here: https://longlivingpets.com/consultation In the comment section write that you are a Protandim or Petadmin (for small pets) user. More about the Protandim and Petadmin. These are the benefits that is backed up by peer preview research Reducing oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days* Significantly reducing cellular stress through Nrf2 activation* Producing enzymes capable of neutralizing more than 1,000,000 free radicals** Helping to regulate survival genes* Helping the body repair and rejuvenate its own cells* Helping the body detoxify genes, keeping the master blueprint of the cell’s function intact* **Compared to the free radical scavenging capacity of 2g of Vitamin C. How is this product a Nrf2 activator? Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer’s results stem from its ability to activate the transcription factor known as Nrf2. Nrf2 is a protein messenger contained in every cell of the body that sends information to the cell’s DNA. Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer contains five ingredients that are known as Nrf2 activators. When Nrf2 is activated, it enters the nucleus and turns on several hundred genes, known collectively as “survival genes.” These genes enable cells to survive in the face of several different kinds of stress, especially oxidative stress, which occurs when free radicals and other oxidants overwhelm the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes. As a Nrf2 activator, Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer helps keep the body safe from free radicals and oxidants by activating these survival genes. Why do dogs and cats (people too) age and how can Protandim Nfr2 synergizer help slow down the cellular aging process? Researchers and scientists agree that aging is the result of cellular deterioration caused by free radicals. It is impossible to avoid free radicals because the food most feed and the air our pets breathe, as well as stress or even vigorous exercise, can stimulate cells to produce destructive free radicals in staggering numbers. A dog’s and cat’s body fights free radicals by producing its own antioxidant enzymes, but as they grow older their bodies produce more free radicals and fewer of these antioxidant enzymes to fight the battle of aging. That’s where Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer plays a critical role by boosting the body’s production of antioxidant enzymes at the cellular level with enough neutralizing capacity to reduce age-related increase in free radical damage. This is why I’m so sold on this formula of 5 ingredients. The synergy effect is amazing to me. I always new the power of synergy and why certain products do not work very well alone. I belive the nature gave us so many plants so we could combine them into powerful remedies to keep us healthy and ‘cure’ disease naturally. Indian and Chinese medicine are full of multi plant ingredients that work in synergy. How to administer: Protandim for dogs and cats Suggested doses pets when using Protandim: Dogs: Under 10 lbs: ⅛ tab 11 - 30 lbs: ¼ tab 31- 60 lbs: ½ tab 61-90: ¾ tab (or one full tab is fine and easier!) Over 90 lbs: 1 full tab dogs Cats: Under 10 lbs: ⅛ tab Over 10lbs: ¼ tab ** With all of these doses, I start at half the amount for the first week and transition up to full dose. With the exception of cats and toy dogs starting at 1/8 tab - as it's hard to get the tablet pieces any smaller than that - so I just start there. All doses are done once daily with food. Everyone that are familiar with me and my research and those using the protocols that I have developed over the last 20 some years know how concerned I am not to suggest anything that can hurt your pet. Nothing means more to me than my pets and I would never suggest any product that I think could hurt you pet in any way. My normal chain of events when it comes to product review is to test product on pets and myself when that is possible for at least 6 months. Since all the product I use are 100% natural most of them are beneficial for humans too. In a few cases I have made exceptions to this approach when I see a mountain of evidence to the benefit and safety from reputable research and papers. What sway me the most are real-life testimonials from pet owner with pets that improved some way or other by taking this product. There are in fact many of these. I have listed some og them below for you to check out to.

Oxidative stress and antioxidants

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This is in my opinion the most exciting discovery made in the last decade when it comes to limiting the damage from oxidative stress by increasing our internal production of antioxidants. I firmly believe this will take the place of most other antioxidant supplements. The process of activating the body to produce their own antioxidants is thousands time better than supplementation.
What is in Protandim •	Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) extract (225 mg) •	Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) extract (150 mg) •	Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root (150 mg) •	Green tea (Camellia sinensis) extract (75 mg) •	Turmeric (Curcuma longa) extract (75 mg) This is a great  pill cutter that  you can be  very precise with
Current research and testing
This is my latest and current research. I’m going public early since I think this can benefit a lot of pets and humans! I have all my pets on this. I will report back after they have been on it for 6 months. I’m primarily looking for any side effects at this time. I’m two months into this now (Feb 2018) and I already noticing some interesting changes.
Here is a powerful documentation of a Dachshund that has been on Protandim for 3 weeks.

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This is the video that changed everything for me and put me on a path to investigate and start an observational study onto NRF2 and Nerf 1 activators. I have all my pets in Protandim and a group of other that volunteered to participate. If you are interested please let me know.
Here is another video where Dr. Gorden explains more about Nrf2 activation. In the end he also talk about pets.