The Odin Project

The Odin Project

Participating Dogs

These are the dogs participating on my project grouped by size and breed.

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odin-1The Odin Project (raw feeding project) is named after my Great Dane, Odin. He was born August 20th, 2011. I got him when he was 12 weeks old and I switched him to a raw food the same day. I will follow Odin and a group of dogs from around the world (currently 3500, and growing) all being fed raw meats and bones. I will keep track of them for the duration of their lives and document the results under the names 'The Odin Project' and 'Project Odin' 'Long Living Pets Raw Feeding Project'

Prior to Odin, I have had 3 Danes on a raw diet. Based on my experience and research with my own pack and 80 other dogs from 2000 - 2015, I knew I was on to something very important. The Odin Project is a continuation of my first 15 years. The second phase of this project, which began in 2015, is to increase it to 5000 dogs and 2000 cats. The by 2018 I hope to increase it further to 10,000 dogs and 5,000 cats. 

Every pet has its own file that is updated once a year. I hope this documentation of the benefits of feeding raw will convince more pet owners to start feeding a raw food diet, the type of food a carnivore was designed for.

Yearly update for the Long Living Research Project

Raw Feeding Study

This update is for everyone participating in the raw feeding study also known as the Odin project. I do not ask for much since I understand we all live busy lives. The only thing I require is a yearly update.

I have revised the update form. If this is the first time you submit an update it will be a little more extensive. Next time it will be less. 


It is important that you fill out this form as accurately as you can.  You need to use one form per pet. This form is converted to an excel file and stored in my database to create a variety of reports. Your full name is excluded from these reports. Your privacy is very important to me and I will always protect it.


Please click this link to update your pet(s). 



Thank you for being part of this important study. This cannot be done without your participation. I am forever grateful that you take the time to update your pet(s). 


Thomas Sandberg


PS. I have started a new community for pet owners like you that apply natural modalities and remedies so we can help our pets live long healthy lives. It is a private community away from Facebook and the public. In this private community, we have much more freedom to share and discuss natural remedies and modalities. There is a small charge of $5/per month (or $49/year). This goes to help me continue with the studies I am involved with and also help pets with cancer at no cost.  It also discouraged "trolls" from joining and disturbing the cause we all are so passionate about: Feeding our pets the food they are designed for. 


You can learn more about Long Living Pets Research Academy here: http://bit.ly/research-academy


Mixed Breeds
Mix (0-25 lbs)   Small
Mix (26-50 lbs)   Medium
Mix (51-99 lbs)   Large
Mix (100 lbs +)   Extra Large


Pure Breeds
Affenpinscher   Small
Afghan Hound   Large
Ainu Dog   Large
Akbash Dog   Extra Large
Akita   Extra Large
Alaskan Malamute   Large
Alpine Dachsbracke   Medium
American Blue Gascon Hound   Extra Large
American Eskimo   Medium
Anatolian Shepherd Dog   Extra Large
Anglos - Francaises   Large
Appenzeller   Large
Ariegeois   Large
Armant   Large
Australian Kelpie   Medium
Austrian Brandlbracke   Medium
Azawakh   Large
Barbet   Large
Basenji   Small
Bassett Hound   Large
Beagle   Medium
Beagle Harrier   Medium
Beagle Miniature   Small
Beagle Pocket   Small
Beauceron   Extra Large
Belgian Malinois   Large
Bergamasco   Large
Berger de Beauce   Large
Bichon Frise   Small
Bloodhound   Extra Large
Blue Lacy   Medium
Bolognese   Small
Borzoi   Extra Large
Bouvier de Ardennes   Large
Boxer   Large
Bulldog - American   Large
Bulldog - English   Large
Bulldog - English miniature   Small
Bulldog - French   Medium
Bulldog - Great Britain   Large
Canaan Dog   Large
Canary Dog   Extra Large
Catahoula Leopard Dog   Medium
Cattle dog - Austrailian   Medium
Cattle dog - Belgian   Large
Cavachon   Small
Chihuahua   Small
Chinese Crested   Small
Chinook   Large
Chow Chow   Large
Cockapoo   Small
Collie   Large
Collie - Bearded   Large
Collie - Border   Medium
Coonhound - American   Large
Coonhound - Black and Tan   Large
Coonhound - Bluetick   Large
Coonhound - English   Large
Coonhound - Redbone   Medium
Coton de Tulear   Small
Dachshund - Longhaired   Small
Dachshund - Miniature   Small
Dachshund - Standard   Small
Dachshund - Wirehaired   Small
Dalmation   Large
Dingo   Medium
Eskimo Dog - Canada   Large
Eurasian   Large
Foxhound - American   Medium
Foxhound - English   Large
German Wolfspitz   Small
Great Dane   Extra Large
Great Pyrenees   Extra Large
Greyhound   Large
Greyhound - Hungarian   Large
Greyhound - Italian   Small
Greyhound - Sicilian   Medium
Griffon - Belgian   Small
Griffon - Brittany   Medium
Griffon - Brussels   Small
Griffon - Nivernais   Large
Griffon - Wirehaired Pointing   Large
Havenese   Small
Hound - Black Forest   Medium
Hound - East Russian   Medium
Hound - Ibizan   Large
Hound - Latvian   Medium
Hound - Norwegian   Medium
Hound - Otter   Extra Large
Hound - Pharaoh   Medium
Hound - Plott   Large
Japanese Chin   Small
Keeshond   Large
Komondor   Extra Large
Kuvasz   Extra Large
Kyi Leo   Small
Labradoodle   Large
Lhasa Apso   Small
Lhasa Poo   Small
Maltese   Small
Mastiff - Argentinian   Large
Mastiff - Belgian   Extra Large
Mastiff - Brasilian   Extra Large
Mastiff - Bull   Extra Large
Mastiff - English   Extra Large
Mastiff - French   Extra Large
Mastiff - Italian Cane Corso   Extra Large
Mastiff - Neapolitan   Extra Large
Mastiff - Pyrenean   Extra Large
Mastiff - Spanish   Extra Large
Mastiff - Tibetan   Extra Large
Mountain dog - Bavarian   Large
Mountain dog - Bernese   Extra Large
Mountain dog - Polish   Extra Large
Mountain dog - Portuguese   Extra Large
Newfoundland   Extra Large
Norwegian Elkhound   Large
Old Danish Bird Dog   Large
Papillon   Small
Peekapoo   Small
Pekingnese   Small
Pinscher - Austrian Shorthaired   Medium
Pinscher - Doberman (Europeon)   Large
Pinscher - Doberman (German)   Large
Pinscher - German   Medium
Pinscher - Harlequin   Medium
Pinscher - Miniature   Small
Pointer - Belgian Shorthaired   Large
Pointer - English   Large
Pointer - German Longhaired   Large
Pointer - German Shorthaired   Large
Pointer - German Wirehaired   Large
Pointer - Italian   Large
Pomeranian   Small
Poodle - Miniature   Small
Poodle - Standard   Large
Poodle - Toy   Small
Portugese Water Dog   Large
Portuguese Cattle Dog   Large
Pug   Small
Puli   Medium
Retriever - Chesapeake Bay   Large
Retriever - Curly-Coated   Large
Retriever - Flat-Coated   Large
Retriever - Golden   Large
Retriever - Golden Doodle   Large
Retriever - Labrador   Large
Rhodesian Ridgeback   Large
Rottweiler   Extra Large
Saint Bernard   Extra Large
Saluki   Large
Samoyed   Large
Schipperke   Small
Schnauzer - Giant   Large
Schnauzer - Miniature   Small
Schnauzer - Standard   Medium
Schnoodle   Small
Scottish Deerhound   Extra Large
Setter - English   Large
Setter - Gordon   Large
Setter - Irish   Large
Shar Pei   Large
Sheepdog - Belgian   Large
Sheepdog - Catalan   Medium
Sheepdog - Croatian   Medium
Sheepdog - Iceland   Medium
Sheepdog - Old English   Large
Sheepdog - Portuguese   Medium
Sheepdog - Shetland (Sheltie)   Small
Shepherd - Australian   Large
Shepherd - Australian Mini   Medium
Shepherd - Dutch   Large
Shepherd - English   Large
Shepherd - German   Large
Shiba-inu   Medium
Shih Tzu   Small
Siberian Husky   Large
Slovak Cuvac   Extra Large
Spaniel - American Water   Medium
Spaniel - Boykin   Medium
Spaniel - Brittany   Medium
Spaniel - Cavalier King Charles   Small
Spaniel - Clumber   Large
Spaniel - Cocker   Medium
Spaniel - English Cocker   Medium
Spaniel - English Springer   Large
Spaniel - English Toy   Small
Spaniel - Field   Medium
Spaniel - French   Large
Spaniel - Irish Water   Large
Spaniel - Tibetan   Small
Spaniel - Welsh Springer   Medium
Spitz - Giant German   Medium
Spitz - Japanese   Small
Spitz - Nordic   Medium
Spitz - Smalll German   Small
Spitz - Standard German   Small
Swiss Mountain Dog   Extra Large
Terrier - Airedale   Large
Terrier - American Hairless   Small
Terrier - American Pit Bull   Large
Terrier - American Staffordshire   Medium
Terrier - Australian   Small
Terrier - Bedlington   Small
Terrier - Black Russian   Medium
Terrier - Bohemian   Small
Terrier - Border   Small
Terrier - Boston   Small
Terrier - Brazilian   Small
Terrier - Briard   Large
Terrier - Bull   Large
Terrier - Cairn   Small
Terrier - Dandie Dinmont   Small
Terrier - Fox, Smooth   Small
Terrier - Fox, Wire   Small
Terrier - Irish   Medium
Terrier - Jack Russell   Small
Terrier - Kerry Blue   Medium
Terrier - Lakeland   Small
Terrier - Manchester   Small
Terrier - Miniature Bull   Medium
Terrier - Norfolk   Small
Terrier - Norwich   Small
Terrier - Parsons   Small
Terrier - Rat   Small
Terrier - Scottish   Small
Terrier - Silky   Small
Terrier - Sky   Small
Terrier - Staffordshire Bull   Medium
Terrier - Tibetan   Small
Terrier - Toy Fox   Small
Terrier - Welsh   Small
Terrier - West Highland White   Small
Terrier - Western   Small
Terrier - Wheaton   Medium
Terrier - Yorkshire   Small
Terrier - Yorktese   Small
Terrier - Yorkypoo   Small
Tosa Inu   Extra Large
Vizsla   Large
Weimeraner   Large
Welsh Corgi - Cardigan   Medium
Welsh Corgi - Pembroke   Medium
Whippet   Medium
Wolfhound - Irish   Extra Large

2018 Long Living Pets  - Road Tour to Educate and Recruit.


We are taking 'Long Living Pets Research Projects' on the road. 

This has been another project in the planning for the last five years. Now, when I'm moving into Phase 2 of these 30-year research projects (next 15 years) it's time to step up and meet the pet owners face to face. As you know by now, I'm on a life mission to help dogs live longer healthier lives.

The purpose of this road trip is to:

  • Bring nationwide awareness to these research projects
  • Raise funds for my nonprofit organization 'Long Living Pets Research Foundation's Rescue and Treatment Center' for dogs with chronic diseases. 
  • Educate pet owners about raw feeding. Remove the myths and all the confusing information around raw feeding.
  • Recruit more pet owners to the raw feeding research project
  • Teach raw feeding hands-on. We will prepare meals on-site to show people how easy feeding raw can be. I have noticed when I show someone how I feed they say, "oh, that's it? - I can do that!"
  • Distribute documentation and information related to the benefits of raw feeding (I need your help here, please submit your story, see below)
  • Share my discoveries when it comes to pets and cancer prevention using a natural protocol
  • Make a documentary of these trips. We will film our interactions and adventures during this trip. You will also be able to follow us on social media sites

We will be teaming up with local holistic veterinarians in the areas we are visiting when possible. My veterinarian is supporting this project and will join the larger events, when she is available, to help educate other veterinarians about the benefits of raw feeding.

The pack

Here is the pack that will travel with us and be our ambassadors for raw feeding. They are a group of raw fed dogs from 15 lbs to 140 lbs. They range in age from 3 to 14 years. Plus two young kittens.


From top right: Camelot (11) a Great Dane, Odin (7) a Great Dane, 
Bottom right: Mocha (14) a Miniature Dachshund, and my two adorable cats Kiki (5) and Freya (4). The cats were found half alive one year apart by Odin. This pack is tight and they are all very good friends that are getting along with no issues. They are excellent ambassadors for raw feeding.

To learn more about this amazing group of friends and the inspiration for my research  please go here


I need your help to raise funds for this 'On the Road Project' to cover:
  • RV Purchase. I'm getting a very good deal on a Motorhome suited for this.  The owner (a dog lover) has reduced the sales price to $30,000 which is $25,000 below asking price.
  • Remodeling of the RV to accommodate 6 dogs and 2 cats.
    Estimated cost: $5,000. I will do most of the work myself to save money.
  • Trailer purchase. I need to bring a large freezer and a fridge to store raw food needed for of 6 dogs and 2 cats.
    Estimated cost used: $5000 included fridge and freezer.
  • Travel expenses plus emergency funds for repairs and maintenance.
    Initial cost estimate: $8,000
  • Other miscellaneous costs will be covered by me.

Initial capital needed to get this tour on to the road: $56,000.


To donate please click here




Advertising opportunities for companies and organizations

rv-with trailer-3

The RV and the Cargo trailer have a lot of  prime display surface that are available for advertising your businesses or organization. We will over the next 5 summers (maybe more if this is a success) travel all over USA to promote raw feeding and cancer prevention. Thousands of people will see us on the road and at many public events. I will also do many TV and Radio interviews. The trips will be filmed and made into a documentary and the RV will be a big part of this.

Contact me to discuss this prime opportunity (use the blue tab on the right side of this page)

 If you can think of anyone that can benefit from teaming up with us please let me know.


I need your story

I know many of you that registered for this project have seen amazing improvements in your pets by switching to raw.

I want to make a brochure and a slideshow that I hand out showing this to people we meet on our travels. I think these stories better than any words can convince many to make the switch.

To submit you story please use this form:












Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional and the advices I provide are based on 18 years of private research and personal experience with raw feeding and different natural remedies for keeping dogs cancer free. I always recommend seeing a professional veterinarian (preferable a holistic) if you suspect any health issues with your pet. 

I lost a dog to cancer and I was determined to never let that happen again, which is why I share this information. Too many pets die from cancer and I know it can be prevented in most cases and many lives can be saved.

All I want in return is your story. I'm building an archive of success stories that will hopefully show other pet owners that there is a natural approach to beating and preventing cancer.

If you decide to follow what I suggest, you do this entirely at your own risk.




Please Read

Over the last 18 years, I have helped pet owners make the switch to raw food and I’ve helped owners that have pets with cancer to beat the disease using a natural method.

I have built up a reputation and the sheer number of owners that need help has become overwhelming. I'm doing this alone and I'm spending every free minute of my free time helping pets so they can live long, healthy lives; that's my life mission.

Sadly, I have to limit the ones I help. It breaks my heart to do so because I know what a horrible feeling it is to have a pet with cancer – I have been there. I am only able to help the ones that take part in my research project. My research and the documentation of the benefits of raw feeding, plus the many stories about how alternative natural cancer treatments and prevention

If you need help with a pet that has cancer or want to participate in my raw feeding project, please go here.

Please Help Support These Projects

Please share and support these important projects. I'm doing this study and helping pets with cancer all out of my own pocket. Any contribution is appreciated greatly. We are now a Nonprofit 501c3 organization so your contribution is tax deductable. 



Thank You!


Free with your donation over $20

COVER NEW 6 21 15 3 150w

Just released!

Add Years to Your Pet's Life and Drastically Reduce the Risk of Your Pet Getting Cancer!


Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who is sitting on the fence and wanting to switch their dog or cat to a raw food diet yet are unsure how to do it. Maybe there is an element of fear or perhaps you are confused by the conflicting information online and in other books. Everything I describe in this book has been tested on my own pets, and many others, over the last 15 years. This is a beginner’s guide to raw feeding that will provide you with all the information you need to get started. In purchasing this book, you also gain personal access to me. In the forum section of my website I will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Click here to BUY





English French German Italian Portuguese Russian Spanish
Question or Feedback ?

I need your help so I can continue helping you.

A plea for your help!te-6-24-1

I don't like doing this but my love and passion for helping pets are too strong to not ask. I need your help to keep these three one-of-a-kind and very important projects going. Also several have told me: "If you don't ask and share nobody will know. There are many out there that love pets that will support you in your mission to make our pets live longer and reduce the risk of cancer"

  1. The raw feeding project will prove dogs thrive on a carnivore diet. My experience from the first 20 years confirms that I'm on track to fundamentally change how we look at dog food. I just need more time. The goal is to follow 5000 dogs and 2000 cats for 15 more years. The results will produce evidence of amazing health benefits and in many cases a significantly longer lifespan. This will shake the commercial dog food world, and hopefully force the pet food companies to make better food designed for dogs.
  2. The cancer project will prove that the risk for a dog getting cancer is reduced dramatically when fed the right food. The results of feeding dogs the food they are designed for will shatter all current statistics when it comes to cancer incidents in dogs. Raw fed dogs are close to cancer-proof when fed low amounts of carbs and higher amounts of fat and protein.  My study will prove this somewhat incredible statement. 
  3. Natural cancer cure project. I have for many years helped pets suffering from cancer recover and beat it using natural products that cost a fraction of traditional treatments and are in almost every case more effective. I'm building a case file of 200 successful cases, cancer-free for more than 3- 5 years after being beating cancer.

Every day I get several requests from devastated pet owners that need help with their beloved dogs suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, I can't help everyone. I just do not have time. Between work, family and taking care of my pets there is not enough time to help them all. This is very unfortunate and extremely upsetting to me. I lost a dog to cancer and I will never forget the emotional suffering and pain involved in watching my dearest friend losing that battle. I understand what you all are going through and in pains me not being able to help more dogs.

With donations, I can take on less work and dedicate more time to my projects that will eventually help millions of pets. I want to share my findings for cancer prevention and natural cures so more pet owners will see that there are other options. The current statistic of close to 70% of dogs getting cancer is unacceptable to me. I'm on a mission to reduce this dramatically. 

For 20 years I financed this myself and I have plain and simple run out of funds. I had to take on more work and spend less time on what I have dedicated my life to do: Help pets live longer healthier lives.

If you have any suggestion or ideas on how to raise funds for this project please let me know. 

Please help support these much-needed one-of-a-kind research projects by donating to my nonprofit organization:


Long Living Pets Research Foundation, Inc

donate llprf web 2 over

Your contribution is tax deductible.


I thank you in advance. I'm unable to continue these important projects and help animals with cancer if it was not for your generous support.


From the bottom of my heart

"Thank you!"

Thomas Sandberg


All donations over $20 will receive my eBook



Thomas Sanberg, Founder/Researcher
Long Living Pets Research Projects
Research Period 1999-2015