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15 Nov 2018


Name Chillee
Born April 24 2016
Breed American Bulldog
Weight 55 lbs
Raw feeding type Prey model raw
Age started on raw 10 months
Owner Iris
Live Pennsylvania, USA




About Chillee:

I got Chillee as a puppy when she was only 7 weeks old. She started on a high quality kibble. Over the course during the summer time I would notice a few acurrences (being she's about 90% white American Bulldog) like seasonal allergies, hotspots, loss of appetite or just plain bored of the food. So I wanted to do something about and I began researching about other foods but a website about raw food feeding to your dog had peaked my highest interest.  It took me about 2 solid months of research for me to feel confident enough to finally switched her to raw. On her 10 month of age I decided to do the switch.  The way I did it was to fast her for 24 hours to eliminate all the kibble that's processed in her body. Then I introduced her the next day with a raw chicken leg, ground beef, kidney and an egg(without shell as her 1st time). She gobbled that up in an instant.  After 2 weeks of feeding her raw I saw a much glossier coat on her. I didn't notice any allergies which was a big plus. She pooped much less on this diet versus the kibble. No itching and less fleas on her too which amazed me!! Her teeth also got nice and white which means less brushing for me lol.  Also no hotspots! I could go on and on about this huge positive change this made on Chillee. I became dedicated and made a commitment to study and research as much as I can to make Chillee a long, healthy and living life as nature intended for these beautiful creatures. I LOVE my dog so much I do what it take for her to live past 20 years. I will always have her on this diet as I will never return to kibble in my life again!!


chillee 5 19 18 1


24 Aug 2018


Name Cesar
Born November 30 2015
Breed American Bulldog
Weight 46 kg
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 1 year
Owner Rafael
Live Maceió, AL, Brazil




About Cesar:

I started feeding Cesar a raw food diet when he turned 1 year old. He is very healthy, more than ever.


Cesar 7 7 17 1


16 Mar 2016

About Lincoln:

I decided to switch to a raw diet as Lincoln started to get  skin allergies particularly to his ears and eyes . He has a mixed variety of meats and fish ( non minced) coconut oil and apple cider vinegar . Since being on raw his eyes don't get swollen and his ears have improved so much apart from dryness at the tips.




03 Sep 2015

About Winston:

Feeding raw bistro and juicing with nutri bullet currently using young living oils no cancer.




03 Sep 2015

About Bella:

Feed raw bistro and juice with nutri bullet. Currently using young living oils in bella currently has some rumors visible on skin.




11 Jun 2015

About Casper:

Prey model raw, no fruit, veg etc. better weight being held.




11 Jun 2015

About Tilly:

Feed prey model raw, no fruits, veg etc. no improvement at all. Regular ear infections, yeast infections & itching.




09 May 2015

About Rocky:

Rocky started Raw pet mince at 8 weeks and then raw chicken frames at 4 months. He is 1 this week and has not had any health problems whatsoever, He is very lean and strong. Rocky lives on a 130 acre properrty in Australia with his best friend Millie our Australian Kelpie. Rocky has 2 frames in morning and 3 frames at night with raw brisket bones around 3 days out of 7. We love him and love the breed, He has Little to no flatulence, No problems doing his business and never has diarreah. He is very active and very calm., quite non agressive except with strangers.:-)




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Sadly, I have to limit the ones I help. It breaks my heart to do so because I know what a horrible feeling it is to have a pet with cancer – I have been there. I am only able to help the ones that take part in my research project. My research and the documentation of the benefits of raw feeding, plus the many stories about how alternative natural cancer treatments and prevention

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