26 Nov 2018


Name Minion
Born March 1 2014
Breed Staffordshire Terrier
Weight 85 lbs
Raw feeding type Barf
Age started on raw 4 years
Owner Kristin
Live Newport News, VA, USA




About Minion:

He is our big boy and eats everything. He started eating poop and lots of grass do I switched to raw. He doesn't poop anymore and with minimal grazing. His coat is silky and beautiful.


minion 7 25 18 1


19 Sep 2018


Name Symbol
Born September 24 2012
Breed American Staffordshire Terrier
Weight 55 lbs
Raw feeding type Prey model raw
Age started on raw 4.5 years
Owner Sara
Live Edmonton, Alberta, Canada




About Symbol:

I switched to raw as she had so many allergies. We would be on high end kibble and then more breakouts. We stayed on a kibble that was high in omega 3 as she tore her ACL and went for surgery. Occasionally she would also wake up in the night to vomit. Since the transitions he has no bald patches and no middle of the night vomiting.


symbol 9 25 17 1


28 Aug 2018


Name Cookie
Born December 1 2017
Breed Staffordshire Terrier
Weight 57 lbs
Raw feeding type Prey model raw
Age started on raw 1 year
Owner Tina
Live Fresno, TX, US




About Cookie:

Before switching she suffered from demodex mange and had hair loss on legs and tail. One month after switching all the hair grew back, thicker, shinier coat with less shedding. She also lost weight and gained muscle.


cookie 9 24 18 1


25 Aug 2018


Name Beaux
Born December 24 2016
Breed American Staffordshire Terrier
Weight 60 lbs
Raw feeding type Prey model raw
Age started on raw 2 years
Owner Kendra
Live Paradise, TX, USA




About Beaux:

We brought Beaux home on Christmas Eve 2016. The rescue group speculated that he was around 2 years of age. He was very sick with heartworms.
We knew he was feed a kibble diet when he was rescued off the streets of Fort Worth, Texas. We knew we would soon switch him to raw. We even hoped this would help with his poor health. He was so weak and skinny. He didn’t even have the strength to poop without being propped up against a fence or tree.
We immediately started with raw goats milk. He really had no interest in any food unless it was in a styrofoam container. He didn’t want kibble and he didn’t want raw. We needed to get him healthy and he needed to eat. He ate kibble and raw for the first few months, but then it strictly became raw. In April of 2017 he was tested again for heartworms. I knew in my gut that it would be a positive result. Unfortunately, I was correct. We started the next treatment protocol and now we are just waiting until we test again (which will be in October). He has gained 10 pounds since Christmas Eve 2016. We have fully adopted him and he is finally starting to blossom. I have a feeling that his heartworm test in October will be negative!
The most pleasant improvement to feeding raw has been NO GAS! His fur feels so smooth and he finally LOOKS healthy! He has energy now and is beginning to play. I’m not sure if the energy is raw related or heartworm related.
He eats the same proteins as Retta; yet his favorite is lamb. He also LOVES eating his organs, whereas I have to trick Retta into eating hers!


beaux 9 4 17 1


Name Puddin' Head
Born November 1 2005
Breed American Staffordshire Terrier
Weight 35 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of Raw
Age started on raw 12 years
Owner Kristine
Live Washington, USA




About Puddin' Head:

Puddin' Head was a parvo puppy at roughly nine weeks. Since that time she's had no health problems. Recently she has been slowing down and losing weight comma also gaining size In her belly. She's been on kibble and some human food all of her life. Just recently she has refused the kibble so have switched her to raw. No changes yet except that she is eating now. Raw diet patterned after keto pet diet.


Puddin Head 5 5 17 1


05 Jun 2017


Name Kala
Born July 14 2015
Breed American Staffordshire Terrier
Weight 58 lbs
Raw feeding type Barf
Age started on raw 6 months
Owner Jose
Live Lima, Peru




About Kala:

I fed Kala regular dry food (Science Diet) up until she turned 6 months old. I bought a big 32 pound bag before I learnt about the benefits or raw food so I just waited until she was done with the bag before changing. Immediateley the first changes I noticed were related to a great reduction i nscratching, Kala had a few allergy outbreaks before the change. Her energy levels went up also. Also her faeces have significantly reduced in size and have in average better consistency than they used to.


kala 4 17 17 1


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