16 Nov 2018


Name Woody
Born July 2 2002
Breed Dachshund
Weight 12 lbs
Raw feeding type Barf
Age started on raw 13 years
Owner Christine
Live Clearwater, Florida, USA




About Woody:

I changed to raw when he started have problems with teeth and joints. Shinny coat.more puppie like .


woody 5 19 18 1


12 Nov 2018


Name Leyna
Born March 9 2007
Breed Dachshund
Weight 14 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 7 years
Owner Trista
Live Ruckersville, VA, USA




About Leyna:

Leyna is a tweenie sized dachshund. When she was a puppy, I started her on kibble and she had esophageal spasms. I began to feed Honest Kitchen at age 5 and she did better, but I didnt like the carbs in it. She has been on Primal brand raw since age 7 and is thriving. She gets 1/3 patty twice daily and maintains a lean weight. She gets raw meaty bones or Bully Sticks as treats. We still battle dental issues with her, but I have only seen esophageal spasms 1-2 times in 4 years. I told her she is expected to live to 25. Haha


leyna 4 25 18 1


07 Nov 2018


Name Rusty
Born April 6 2010
Breed Dachshund
Weight 18 lbs 3 oz
Raw feeding type Prey model raw
Age started on raw 5 years 9 months
Owner Brooklyn
Live Dickson, TN, USA




About Rusty:

Rusty is a couch potato, but after switching to raw, he was able to lose a much needed 7lbs, going from 25.6lbs to 18.6lbs, gained a shinier coat, and better dental health.
Rusty is not allergic to any proteins and regularly gets turkey, duck, quail, beef, bison, lamb, chicken, venison a variety of organ meets, and supplements such as turmeric powder, kelp powder, vitamin e, salmon oil, zinc, and collagen. He has no health issues.


rusty 3 5 18 1


08 Oct 2018


Name Dude
Born September 8 2014
Breed Dachshund
Weight 12 kg
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 8 weeks
Owner Mrs Jane
Live UK




About Dude:

Dude’s Diet is the same weekly set menu as Dexter shown in 1st listing!
His health is excellent.


dude 10 14 17 1


27 Sep 2018


Name Penny
Born January 1 2011
Breed Dachshund
Weight 9 lbs
Raw feeding type Prey model raw
Age started on raw 4 years
Owner Tara
Live Bedford, TX, USA




About Penny:

Never been to vet for anything other than yearly exam and heart worm tests. Still leading the chase at dog park at 14 years old. Fed beef, pork, rabbit, duck, mackerel, sheep, chicken, venison during hunting season. Organs from beef, pork, chicken, and brain and eyes from whole prey. Bone from all proteins varied depending on meals - not 80/10/10 every day.


penny 10 4 17 1


Name Doc Holiday
Born April 1 2006
Breed Dachshund
Weight 30 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 3 years
Owner Lisa
Live Moscow, TN, USA




About Doc Holiday:

Variety of raw meat from Costco, and local butcher now that we have moved out to the country!


doc holiday 9 25 17 1


23 Sep 2018


Name Rozee
Born October 20 2008
Breed Dachshund
Weight 30 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw As a puppy
Owner Lisa
Live Moscow, TN, USA




About Rozee:

Feed variety of meat from Costco. Chicken Feet for treats as well as dehydrated and raw liver! Many other orgains as well. Recently started feeding more vegies and fruits.


rozee 9 25 17 1


23 Sep 2018


Name Peni
Born September 10 2008
Breed Dachshund
Weight 30 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw As a puppy
Owner Lisa
Live Moscow, TN, USA




About Peni:

I've feed raw to my three dachshunds since they were pups. Their coats, eyes, teeth all shine because of their diet!


peni 9 25 17 1


23 Aug 2018


Name Darcy
Born October 2 2012
Breed Dachshund
Weight 12 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 16 weeks
Owner Guadalupe
Live Mazatlan, Mexico




About Darcy:

Darcy has not had any health problems except that he produces a lot of stomach acids at night. I have tried for years to switch him to raw completely but he does better if only at night I give him a spoonful of kibble along with his fresh food.


darcy6 6 17 1


23 Aug 2018


Name Gala
Born January 15 2009
Breed Dachshund
Weight 15 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 8 weeks
Owner Guadalupe
Live Mazatlan, Mexico




About Gala:

Gala had a class IV vaccine reaction to rabies when she was 1.5 years old. Since then she has had immune system problems including food allergies and Hashimoto's (a condition that makes her immune system attack her thyroid). By making my own food I can control her allergies better.


gala 6 6 17 1


18 Mar 2017


Name Frida
Born April 28 2011
Breed Dachshund
Weight 12 lbs
Raw feeding type Mix of raw
Age started on raw 2 years
Owner Carmen
Live Austin, TX, USA




About Frida:

Frida was overweight and 16 lbs when we started feeding raw. We did everything to try to get the weight off. Within 6 months after switching to raw she lost 4 lbs. Her energy levels are amazing and people always assume that she is a puppy.


frida 1 1017 1


06 Jul 2016

About Bailey:

Bailey was never took interest in pellets, and then I found out about Raw Gold and thought it was perfect for her. I started her on it and she was hooked the first meal was finished in 2min flat. It has slimmed her and I get compliments on how good she looks.


bailey 6 2 16 1


22 Jun 2016

About Geordie:

10 years this year, has great teeth, broke a few because he is my first to ear raw and I gave him too big bones, he taught me about raw. He is the leanest, most athlectic dachshund. Not rolly polly, he does agility and is ripped and has a 6 pack and pec muscles showing. He does have a luxating patella which is minor and has not really worsened yet. Senior blood panel all normal. Was purchased in South Korea, bred poorly. Meat bones, organs, eggs, few supplements, veg and fruit not significant part of diet. Do get minor table scraps. Never pre made, or commercial raw food.


geordie 2 28 16


18 Nov 2015

About Maya:

Maya was adopted from a conformation/dogshow breeder when she was 3 years old. Her only health issue used to be some ear infections at every 2 or 3 months, but, since we switched her diet from commercial dry petfood to a raw diet in 2008 she never had an ear infection again. 
Today she eats a raw diet based on chicken, turkey and duck bones (50%), a mix boneless meats (20%) and organs (5%) from beef, pork and fish, mostly, and organic / free range eggs. Also a very good variety of veggies (25%), sometimes steam cooked, sometimes blended raw. Additionally she gets coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, kefir yogurt, minced garlic, spirulina powder, and sea salt.
She was spayed when she was 3 years old.




18 Nov 2015

About Yule:

Raw meat with bones (chicken, beef, pork, fish, quail, turkey, rabbit), no veggies/fruit (only as treats), omega-3 (really hard to find grass-fed meat), golden paste, lil bit of garlic, toasted pumpkin seeds. That's the usual stuff.
I changed him to raw a little less than two months after I got him. He was still really young, so no big changes from before (except pee and poop, that don't smell at all now, were disgusting before), but for a dachshund, he's really strong, fit and full of energy. The difference between him and other dachshunds on the dog park is very noticeable.




18 Jun 2015

About Laylah:

I started Laylah on Raw because of all the allergy symptoms she was experiencing. I started her on raw 6 months ago and she has improved remarkably. No more itchy dull skin and coat, nor yeasty ears. She has a higher energy level and looks beautiful. I feed prey model raw with a large variety, her favorites are whole rabbit with fur and duck heads. Feeding raw is the best thing I have ever done for my dog and wish I would have done it sooner.




18 Jun 2015

About Rusty:

We feed raw beef with bone and organ.  Arthritis has not acted up since he went on raw.




18 Jun 2015

About Bosco:

My dog ruptured 3 disc and was paralyzed at 5, had back surgery but still had issues. At 8 changed to raw and will never look back.




03 May 2015

About Benjimen:

Ben would be a great poster pup for raw feeding.  He has not eaten anything else is whole life and is lean, has a beautiful coat and no health issues.  He is 11 months old and unaltered.  I wish there more I could say but he is really healthy LOL.




03 May 2015

About Cleo:

Cleo is a little ball of energy and hasn't had any health issues.  She does have a roached back so keeping her lean is a number one goal.  Her teeth are absolutely white and free of tarter.  She is now 1 year and 4 months old and unaltered at this time but will be spayed soon.




03 May 2015

About Lucas:

Luke is a very healthy neutered male.  He is 1 year 5 months old now and has held a lean weight and had high energy.  He is starting to learn field work and will move on to earthdog and barn hunts.  Raw feeding has kept his teeth absolutely white and tarter free.




30 Oct 2014

About Budders

Feed chicken necks ground chicken turkey and beef




01 Oct 2014

About Frankie

Frankie is an almost-five year old dachshund in good health. He came from animal control in Denton Texas. He eats a variety of proteins, organs, and local eggs. No fish, oils, or supplements.





Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional and the advices I provide are based on 18 years of private research and personal experience with raw feeding and different natural remedies for keeping dogs cancer free. I always recommend seeing a professional veterinarian (preferable a holistic) if you suspect any health issues with your pet. 

I lost a dog to cancer and I was determined to never let that happen again, which is why I share this information. Too many pets die from cancer and I know it can be prevented in most cases and many lives can be saved.

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If you decide to follow what I suggest, you do this entirely at your own risk.




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